Secure Your Office

Secure Your Office | Office Automation of Gainesville

Protect your company and client information with Xerox technology. Thanks to Xerox’s partnership with industry leaders McAfee and Cisco, the products we sell go above and beyond to protect sensitive information. Here’s how:

  • McAfee helps detect and prevent any unauthorized access of your devices
  • With Common Criteria Certification your entire device is certified
  • Protect from internal threats by using your identification system to restrict access to certain documents
  • Protect from outside threats with encrypted scanning to transmit documents securely
  • Image overwrite ensures information on your device is wiped when the job is complete

Here are a few tips to keep your network secure:

  • Connect your device through a firewall or router rather than directly to the Internet
  • Change the administrator password from the default and do not give out this password
  • If possible, enable SSL/TLS certificates to protect information transmitted

We ensure that your devices are secure for the entirety of their life cycles – from design to disposal. Make sure your data is secure with Xerox technology.