Xerox Mobile Printing Solutions

Xerox Mobile Printing Solutions | Office Automation of Gainesville

Mobile solutions are crucial for the modern office worker. Being able to use mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops for office processes is a necessity. Thankfully, our printers, copiers and scanners are enabled with mobile technology, so you can connect to your MFP from your device.

Benefits of Xerox Mobile Printing Solutions

What is Mobile Printing?

Mobile printing allows you to:

  • Print to any networked multifunction printer or copier from your mobile device
  • Access files on your mobile device and print them on any of your networked printers
  • Connect to ‘out-of-network’ printers from your mobile device
  • Enhance the security of your printing by restricting printing to only when you are at the machine
  • Streamline your processes by incorporating mobile technology with your multifunction printers and copiers

Xerox Mobile printing solutions will take your office to the next level, creating a more digital, integrated and simple printing infrastructure.