Document Imaging

Document Imaging | Office Automation of Gainesville

Transform your paper documents into digital files using your existing scanner.

What is Document Imaging?

Document Imaging is the process of capturing images of your paper documents so that they can be filed in an electronic document management system, whether cloud- or network-based). Workers can access documents from the electronic system, sharing them, editing them and filing them right from the database.

Document imaging allows you to create sharable, easily retrieved documents stored in the cloud or on a network repository.

Increase the productivity of your employees, enabling them to access documents from anywhere, even remotely from a mobile device!

Document Imaging help you to reduce your reliance on physical storage, save you time and space (since you are no longer hunting for documents), reduce human filing error, and reduce costs associated with copying documents.

You can use your existing scanner to implement your digital system. Make the most of your equipment and maximize your investment by setting up Document Imaging and Document Management.