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The Benefits of Learning About Multifunction Printer Features Before You Buy

The Benefits of Learning About Multifunction Printer Features Before You Buy

Learning about the features of a multifunction printer before you buy may help you save time and money later on. These machines typically perform a variety of office functions, such as copying, faxing and scanning. However, learning about each feature and how it might increase office efficiency can help you make a more confident purchasing decision.

Improving the Customer Experience

Improving the Customer Experience | Office Automation Inc

When it comes to small business tips, one of the most important topics is how to improve the experience of your customers. Satisfied customers mean continued sales and income for your company. Here are four things to keep in mind.

1. Data is Key

This comes down to really knowing who your customers, as well as potential customers, are and what’s important to them. This helps you to send communication that is more meaningful and to make them offers that will be of interest.

Improving Your Document Workflow

Improving Your Document Workflow | Office Automation Inc

Documents are critical in pretty much all businesses. However, they can also be source of greater expense than necessary as well as a way of bogging down work if your document management isn’t up to snuff. Here are some hacks/tips for improving the flow of documents through your organization, much of which can be accomplished by using multifunction printers.

New Xerox DocuMate 6440 is a Quick, Well-Rounded Scanner That Puts Organizations on the Fast Track for Digital Success

Aug 02, 2016
The digital universe is doubling in size every two years, according to a report from IDC. As a result, organizations today are tasked with finding ways to manage and unlock valuable information from both paper and digital documents. To help businesses address this challenge, Xerox introduced the DocuMate® 6440, one of the fastest and most user-friendly scanners in its class. With integrated image enhancing software, the small scanner can scan up to one page per second to one of nine preset, configurable destinations – all without losing quality.

Clean Up Your Office with Document Management

Clean Up Your Office with Document Management | Office Automation Inc

Do you ever feel like your office is overflowing with papers, folders and file cabinets? Does it take ages to find the document you are looking for? Do you find yourself making multiple copies of the same document? Investing in an electronic document management system can help you solve these issues and more.

With electronic document management, you can create electronic copies of all of your paper documents, transforming your office into a streamlined and organized workplace.

Simplify Your Office with a Multifunction Printer

Simplify your office with an all in one printer | Office Autiomation

Consolidating tasks and functions is a hallmark of improving office efficiency - so why do so many businesses ignore the opportunity to streamline their printing and copying functions? The answer is that many don’t realize just how much of a difference adding multifunction printers to an office can make. Here’s a look at some of the biggest ways multifunction printers can simplify your office.

3 Benefits of Multifunction Printers

3 Benefits of Multifunction Printers | Office Automation

Multifunction printers aren’t hard to find, but many businesses continue to miss out on these office dynamos. The fact is these printers more than make up for their cost with their endless benefits. Here are just a few benefits of multifunction printers.


Why You Should Be Using a Cloud Based Document Management System

Why You Should Be Using a Cloud Based Document Management System

Going digital can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve the efficiency and increase the abilities of your workers. Electronic document management systems are designed to transform your office by digitizing your documents and storing them in a cloud-based system. This system keeps you more organized and mobile.

Keeping Important Data Secure

Keeping Important Data Secure | Office Automation of Gainesville

In an economy that’s becoming more and more centered around technology when it comes to storing data, keeping your sensitive information private can seem rather difficult. Regardless of how tight your virtual security is, there are threats you’ll face on an everyday basis that can rip through your defenses. In fact, nearly a fourth of government-related databases can expect to experience a large scale breach at some point in the future.

Embracing MPS to Help You Digitize

Embracing MPS to Help You Digitize | Office Automation Inc

The paperless office has long been a lofty ideal to which many businesses aspire. However, for those who have attempted the transition before, it’s clear that this is a case of “easier said than done.” However, with the right tools and resources, your business could make this dream a reality. Managed print services are designed to make your office more efficient than ever before while cutting down on the costs associated with everyday printing needs.