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Xerox: a Leader in Document Workflow Solutions

Xerox: a Leader in Document Workflow Solutions | Office Automation Inc

Xerox’s continued strengths in document workflow solutions gained it a leadership position for the sixth year in a row in International Data Corporation’s MarketScape: Worldwide Document Workflow Services Hardcopy 2016 Vendor Assessment. It’s significant to note that Xerox is also the only printing equipment manufacturer evaluated in the report that has a dedicated organization supporting document workflow.

Keep Your Business Up and Running With Managed Print Services

Keep Your Business Up and Running With Managed Print Services

If you’re in a leadership position in your company, it can seem as if there’s a neverending list of things to do. With managed print services, you have one less thing on your plate, and you may not realize just how much time is involved with document production. With managed print solutions and a managed print services provider, you can ease your burden and maximize company productivity

Know Your Business Needs Before Purchasing a Copier

Know Your Business Needs Before Purchasing a Copier

There is really no such thing as the “best” copier. Every business has different needs, and different copiers are available to meet those needs. Determine what your office needs first before purchasing a new device.


First, you need to figure out how much you will be printing out every day. If you will be printing and copying hundreds of pages a day, then you need something that can do that. However, your office may only need to copy a few things every once in a while, in which case, you do not need something as heavy-duty.

Does it Make Sense to Rent a Multifunction Printer?

Does it Make Sense to Rent a Multifunction Printer

You may be asking yourself whether it makes more sense to rent a multifunction printer rather than buying.

As technology is constantly shifting and becoming more complex, it may make sense to consider a lease, allowing you to upgrade your equipment more often. If you anticipate needing to upgrade your equipment to take advantage of the changes in technology, updates and features with newer models, consider speaking to a professional about setting up a short-term lease that will allow you to upgrade sooner.

New Xerox DocuMate 3125 Improves Office Productivity with Increased Speed and Improved Compatibility

PLEASANTON, Calif., —  According to The United States Department of Labor, productivity decreased at a 0.6 percent annual rate during the second quarter of 2016 alone. As it continues to decrease, organizations are tasked with finding ways to keep operational efficiency up. Equipping employees with easy-to-use technology helps eliminate time-intensive, manual processes and improves business procedures.

Getting More Out of Your Multifunction Printer

Getting More Out of Your Multifunction Printer | Office Automation of Gainesville

The multifunction printer is a mainstay of most office environments and has been for years. It can assist with all of the most important tasks that need to get done in a day. This machine increases productivity in multiple ways. Indeed, there are so many that you may not even be aware of what all of them are. Using Connectkey is a great way to maximize the full potential of your printer.

Xerox Fights Productivity Drain with New Multifunction Devices for the Small Office – That Everyone Can Use

NORWALK, Conn. —  In a small office, productivity drain can begin with a piece of office equipment or a process that no one quite knows how to manage. Whether it’s dealing with connectivity problems, slow print speeds, poor image quality or complicated set-up, before you know it, three people lend a hand and work comes to a grinding halt.

The Benefits of Learning About Multifunction Printer Features Before You Buy

The Benefits of Learning About Multifunction Printer Features Before You Buy

Learning about the features of a multifunction printer before you buy may help you save time and money later on. These machines typically perform a variety of office functions, such as copying, faxing and scanning. However, learning about each feature and how it might increase office efficiency can help you make a more confident purchasing decision.

Improving the Customer Experience

Improving the Customer Experience | Office Automation Inc

When it comes to small business tips, one of the most important topics is how to improve the experience of your customers. Satisfied customers mean continued sales and income for your company. Here are four things to keep in mind.

1. Data is Key

This comes down to really knowing who your customers, as well as potential customers, are and what’s important to them. This helps you to send communication that is more meaningful and to make them offers that will be of interest.

Improving Your Document Workflow

Improving Your Document Workflow | Office Automation Inc

Documents are critical in pretty much all businesses. However, they can also be source of greater expense than necessary as well as a way of bogging down work if your document management isn’t up to snuff. Here are some hacks/tips for improving the flow of documents through your organization, much of which can be accomplished by using multifunction printers.