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What Should You Prioritize for Your Employees’ Wellbeing?

What Should You Prioritize for Your Employees’ Wellbeing?

More companies are paying attention to what impacts office productivity, and they see a correlation between the happiness and engagement of their employees and an increase in efficiency. While businesses have provided health-centric benefits, they are finding that wellness should take a holistic approach. Understanding what drives your employees can help you implement an office culture that values a work-life balance.

Optimizing Your Business Processes for Maximum Productivity

Optimizing Your Business Processes for Maximum Productivity

Managed print services are frequently being used in businesses in order to curtail paper use. Some companies print large volumes of documents, which add up to a lot of money and time.

By making the process more efficient, businesses stand to save quite a bit.

Calculating Return on Investment

Calculating Return on Investment

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of a project is a useful tool to find out a proposed project’s potential cost savings or to evaluate the impact that current projects have in the areas of productivity and positioning. Here are some small business tips about how you can use ROI calculations to help cut your costs.

New Xerox Color Printer, MFP Put Big Business Capabilities Within Reach of Small Offices

NORWALK, Conn. —  
Most small business printers and multifunction devices are serviceable, but with limited capabilities and reliability. They’re difficult to set up and don’t deliver what offices need today. But that is about to change.

Xerox Reengineers ‘Scan-to-App Workflow’ for Small/Mid-size Businesses with Automated Cloud Solution

NORWALK, Conn. —  
Importing a hard copy scan of purchase orders, invoices and receipts into applications like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office 365 can take multiple steps, several programs and a lot of time. This is especially true in small/mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that rely on web-based applications as part of their business processes. Xerox’s Web Capture Service helps channel partners solve this common scanning-to-application pain point for their customers with a simple, yet powerful workflow automation tool.

Xerox Expands Two Sets of Services to Help Large Enterprises Manage Customer Experience, Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Today, Xerox expanded its portfolio of Communication and Marketing Solutions, and enhanced its Document Transaction Processing Services. Both services help large enterprises better manage front- and back-end business processes and cut costs. These services deepen Xerox’s automation expertise and help enterprises move from paper to digital transactions.
Better Communication with Customers

The Best Copier for Your Small Business

Finding the best copier for your small Gainesville business

When it comes to the question of which Xerox copier is the best, most everyone will tell you that a multifunction copier is your best bet. While the right fit often depends on your specific situation, a multifunction device can take care of whatever you need it to. There are multiple benefits to going with this option that can definitely improve your work place.

How Your Printer Protects Your Data

How Your Printer Protects Your Data | Office Automation Inc

Printers can do way more than just print these days.

People who design and create the technology we use are getting more and more creative. The downside to this is that the number of those who would use technology against us are increasing as well. You might not expect it, but a printer can be another tool in the fight for document security.

3 Easy Steps for Setting Up Your Organization’s Wireless Printing System

Wi-Fi printers facilitate connection to any of your computers as long as your wireless printer or wireless copier is in range of the wireless router. Here are three easy steps to help you set up your organization’s wireless printing system.

Connecting to an Access Point

Your computer should already be on the network, so establishing a connection with the printer requires installing the driver. The resulting Wi-Fi network connection enables your device to send jobs to the printer. Access points can also be used to connect tablets and smartphones to printers.

Know the Specs Before Buying

Know the Specs Before Buying a Printer or Copier | Office Automation

While it can be easy to assume that every printer and copier is basically the same, that assumption is a mistake you do not want to make. You need to determine what specifications each device has and what specs are most beneficial to you so that your office gets the best gadget possible.